The Cross-Vermont Trail

The Cross Vermont Trail is a project to build a multi-use, four season path across the width of Vermont; following the Winooski River and Wells River valleys. View the routeĀ of the proposed trail by opening the PDF maps below: crossvt-maps-all crossvt-map1 crossvt-map2 crossvt-map3 crossvt-map4 crossvt-map5 crossvt-map6 crossvt-map7 crossvt-map8 crossvt-map9 crossvt-map10 crossvt-map11 crossvt-map12 Continue reading The Cross-Vermont Trail

Cross-Vermont Trail

The Cross Vermont Trail is a 75-mile trail-in-development to span the state of Vermont from South Burlington to Wells River. This is a project of the Cross Vermont Trail Association. For more information go to the Cross Vermont Trail Association’s website. Overall Trail Map Section maps: Map 1 Village of Wells River (Connecticut River) to Boltonville trailhead (4.02 miles) Map 2 Boltonville trailhead to Groton Map 3 Groton (Wilson Dr) to Marshfield Village (Rte 2) (12.74 miles) Map 4 Marshfield Village (Rte 2) to Plainfield Village (6.96 miles) Map 5 Plainfield Village to East Montpelier (Rte 14 trailhead) (4.07 miles) … Continue reading Cross-Vermont Trail